Mondo 24 or 24.5 (ladies 8.5 or men's 7), 4 buckle is preferred but will 
consider the 3 buckle if it is the right price.

I need to free my heel to take pressure off the back of my knee which I 
injured this winter hooking a limb that was submerged in the powder. I did this 
once in the Adks and then again in BC. PT thinks I may have a meniscus tear. 
Ortho is uncertain and says ligaments seem really strong, but something is 
affecting the muscles in my legs and causing inflammation behind both of my 
knees. Xray showed nothing wrong except that my patellas are not tracking 
right (this could also be part of the problem). MRI will be done tmrw and I will 
know better next week.

Doc says no alpine skiing, but nordic is ok. No more off-piste. I'll be skiing like 
an intermediate skier for the rest of the season, hopefully on teles, if I can 
find the right boots. I just can't spend $500 right now, so I'm hoping to find 
something used. Scarpas hurt, my feet are too wide for them.

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