Hello All,
Here is some additional information about the Harrington Factory tour on Thursday 2:30-5.
The field trip to Harrington Factory is partially for fun to go through the factory tour and get samples!!!  In addition, the owner has a side business in pellet stoves. We are going to meet him and learn about his pellet stove business, as well as tell him about the work we are doing with the Oven Project. In addition, we want to look into the potential of pellitizing corn husks, to investigate the effectiveness of using pelletized fuel instead of just crushed in the oven. Sebastian has been speaking with the owner for a while now about setting up the tour, and the owner seemed interested in the project, so we are going to make a community connection as well.
Again if you are interested, please email Sebastian Ventrone at [log in to unmask] and let him know.
He will be picking us up from Votey at 2:30 on thursday, and dropping us off around 5pm.
Hope to see you then,
EWB Secretary
University of Vermont
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