China Risk Management Research



Can my research in risk management be disseminated to scholars and research students in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau?   YES


Can I promote university programs in risk management (such as PhD and Master programs) to intellectually-devoted Chinese?  YES


Can I promote professional advisory services to the Chinese executives who really care about risk management?  YES



China Risk Management Research (CRMR)


CRMR is an online database located in Mainland China for working papers and professional reports in risk management.  You are welcome to submit your working papers, written in either Chinese or English. English articles are recommended to have Chinese titles and Chinese abstracts, which facilitate successful online search for your articles with Chinese language.   Target audience of the CMRC is:


(a)    Bilingual Chinese in Mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau and other regions.

(b)   Professors, researchers and postgraduate students

(c)    Consultants, analysts, engineers, lawyers and risk executives.



CRMR encourages submission of papers and abstracts in the following areas (


         Risk Regulation (such as  Basel II/III, Solvency II, Internal Control)

         Economic and Financial Stress Testing

         Decision Models for Risk Management

          Investment Risk Management

          Market Risk Management

         Hedge Fund Management

         Credit Risk Management

         Operational Risk Management

         Reputation Risk Management

         Technology Risk Management

         Legal Risk Management

         Derivatives Pricing

         Enterprise Risk Management

         Crisis Management

         Compliance Management


CRMR is honored to have the following scholars and risk experts to serve as chief editors:

         Professor Zhou, Kaiguo, Sun Yat-Sen University 

         Professor Wong, Michael C S, City University of Hong Kong and CTRISKS Rating


CRMR encourages readers to communicate directly with authors. Therefore, authors are welcome to publish their contact information.


Institutions from all over the world are invited to be our institutional members. Each institution is provided a free advertisement opportunity (