Hi Wolfram,

We have this working fine with a Flash HT/EA (as you mention, shows up by default) but we also have an EA1110 (an older model, with analog output, not as in the Flash 1112) for which this is unfortunately not as straightforward.  I assume we'll need an analogue-digital converter to start with though I'm not sure this alone will do the trick.


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Hi Steven,
In the set-up you mention (Delta V, ConFlo IV and Flash EA 1112) most of the EAGER software (EA) is already fully integrated with Isodat 3.0.
In the left hand column of tabs (Accessories) on the Acquistion screen (where you have tabs for MS status, Focus, ConFlo, File Browser etc) you should also see a tab or window calles Flash EA with tow software LED for EA Ready and EA Running. A righ-click in this window should bring up options for e.g. EA Status, EA Method etc.
If you don't see a panel called Flash EA, righ click into the grey area underneath the heading Accessories and tick the corresponding box in the drop-down menu.
Similarly, to display the TCD trace in the data acquisition window, during a run right-click in the window displaying the ion trace. Select Layout, and in Layout tick the box Detector.
Having said that, if the methods used for running samples have been set up properly, the TCD trace (like the ion and ratio traces) should show up be default when running samples.

Dr W Meier-Augenstein, CChem, FRSC

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Dear all,

If anyone has managed to get the TCD signal from an EA1110 integrated into Isodat 3.0 (DeltaV+ConfloIV), I would appreciate to hear details of what's required to set this up.

Thanks in advance
Cheers, Steven

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