Dear Stable Isotopers,

The abstract deadline for ASITA 2011 is next week Weds 25 May....Please 
follow the link below and register for ASITA 2011 (Advanced Stable 
Isotope Techniques and Applications), 12-15 June 2011 and formerly the 
Canadian CF-IRMS.   We encourage and welcome all attendees to submit 
posters, oral presentations or both:

*The registration fee is inclusive of all the following:*
- Full day of short courses provided by the experts on Sun. 12 June 
(including: 1) stable isotope basics, 2) elemental analyzers, and high 
temperature conversion elemental analyzers and 3) electronics 
troubleshooting and schematics). Certification will be provided upon 
completion of short course.
- Keynote speakers daily.
- Oral and poster presentations (2-1/2 days, Mon. 13 June - Weds. noon 
15 June).
- Presentation of the Wadleigh student prize for best paper.
- Sponsors and exhibitors in stable isotope technologies and consumables.
- All lunches plus morning and afternoon coffee breaks for the entire event.
- Ice breaker (following registration Sun. 12 June).
- Reception at the Agnes Etherington Art Center (Mon. eve. 13 June).
- Banquet gala dinner and event at Ft. Henry (a UNESCO world heritage site).
- An excellent opportunity to learn and share knowledge and applications 
in stable isotope technologies and research.

Read on or go to the website for all details...

/We are pleased to announce that QFIR (Queen's Facility for Isotope 
Research) will be hosting the /*ASITA*///(Advances in Stable Isotope 
Techniques and Applications/)/Workshop 2011. This will take place on the 
Queen's University Campus in downtown Kingston, Ontario, Canada this 
summer.  We have changed the name for this 17^th annual event from the 
former Canadian CF-IRMS.  Now as ASITA,  we intend to encourage a 
broader global community outside of No. America, as well, we wish to 
include applications in stable isotope techniques beyond continuous flow 
capabilities alone.  Indeed, as technologies evolve, there is a need to 
include both the advances and their myriad applications  (e.g., portable 
technologies, conventional dual inlet and cavity ring-down 
spectroscopy).  In the past this conference has always been a 
well-networked and user's driven annual event as it shall remain this 
upcoming year as ASITA with: short courses,  presentations and poster 
session to focus on the "why?" behind the science, //exhibitors, keynote 
addresses, lab tours and social events//.  We plan to make this a 
dynamic and educational success.  Historic and beautiful downtown 
Kingston and the QU Campus are on the shoreline of Lake Ontario and  the 
epicenter between Ottawa, Toronto, Montreal and Syracuse...we even have 
an airport with a control tower and VIA train service so...getting here 
is easy.  The webpage for registration, venue calendar, rates, 
accommodations and further details will be posted after the beginning of 
2011.  Mark your 2011 calendars for these dates:

//*Sunday - Wednesday, 12-15  June 2011*/