Hello Stable 'topers,

Only two weeks out (as they say in the events planning business) but there is still time to register (on site registration too...we aim to please) and this is the final posting made to the Isogeochem listserver so please plan to attend 12-15 June for ASITA 2011 (see link and other details below).


We are pleased to announce that QFIR (Queen's Facility for Isotope Research) will be hosting the ASITA (Advances in Stable Isotope Techniques and Applications) Conference and Workshop 2011. This will take place on the Queen's University Campus in downtown Kingston, Ontario, Canada this summer.  We have changed the name for this 17th annual event from the former Canadian CF-IRMS.  Now as ASITA,  we intend to encourage a broader global community outside of No. America, as well, we wish to include applications in stable isotope techniques beyond continuous flow capabilities alone.  Indeed, as technologies evolve, there is a need to include both the advances and their myriad applications  (e.g., portable technologies, conventional dual inlet and cavity ring-down spectroscopy).  In the past this conference has always been a well-networked and user’s driven annual event as it shall remain this upcoming year as ASITA with: shortcourses,  presentations and poster session to focus on the "why?" behind the science, exhibitors, keynote addresses, lab tours and social events.  We plan to make this a dynamic and educational success.  Join us in historic and beautiful downtown Kingston and the QU Campus   Mark your 2011 calendars for these dates:

Sunday - Wednesday, 12-15  June 2011

April Vuletich
Queen's Facility for Isotope Research (QFIR)
Dept. of Geol. Sci.
Queen's University
Kingston, ON
ph: (613) 533-2183
fax: ((613) 533-6592
webpage: geol.queensu.ca/isotope_lab/