Hi all

I was wondering if anybody with experience with a Gilson 222XL liquid
autosampler could help me out.


I've just returned to using my trusty Gilson and encountered a problem
with the 'Top Left Vial Offset' position in the Y direction only.


X coords appear pretty good, but the needle over shoots by about 20mm
(from the rest position) when I enter a coordinate value of 0 in the Y
position.  Thus when I run the 'Adjust Gilso Height method' in 'bottle
1' the needle is approx 2 mm further along the tray than it should be.


I've tried;

1  Turning the Gilson on and off, removing and replacing the comms

2  Played with the 'Offsets' - both rows and columns.


What is confusing is that the resting position is perfect, it just
doesn't appear to be able to identify the first vial position for some


Any thoughts would be appreciated.