I don't mind the Fenway prices....they are fair.  But then Stub Hub gets all the tickets somehow and jacks up the prices.  Anyway, a group of Center folks went down to Yankee Stadium a couple of weekends ago to watch a Sox-Yankee game.  But they got sucked into the Yankee "Stub Hub" routine and ended up paying $93 for bleacher seats.  At least the Sox won!

$75,000 is about right.


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Subject: [ISOGEOCHEM] International Conference on Gas Geochemistry - Announcement

The 11th International Conference on Gas Geochemistry (ICGG11) will be held at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography (La Jolla, California) from 29 November until 3 December, 2011:

Details can be found on the conference website ( Registration and abstract submission are now open, and the list of keynote speakers is finalised.


The International Conference of Gas Geochemistry (ICGG) is an international forum where the latest research and technological advances related to gas geochemistry are presented and discussed. This is the eleventh of the ICGG series which started in 1982 to unite experts in gas geochemistry, working on various geological and environmental issues. The objective of this 11th edition, which is to be held in La Jolla, California, is to promote international and interdisciplinary exchange of information, to foster co-operation among researchers in academia, research institutes, private companies and industry, and to stimulate growth and advances in the field of gas geochemistry.

ICGG-11 La Jolla will cover all the main scientific topics associated with gas geochemistry (carbon dioxide, methane, gaseous hydrocarbons, nitrogen, oxygen, noble gases, radon) from the perspective of different geosystems (magmas/volcanoes, groundwaters, sedimentary basins/petroleum reservoirs, crystalline rocks) as well as cross-cutting topics (gas migration, Earth evolution and degassing, natural hazards, environmental monitoring, paleoclimate reconstructions, new techniques and measurements).

We hope to see you in La Jolla in November (the week prior to Fall AGU).

With best wishes,

Martin Schoell, Tobias Fischer, Justin Kulongoski, David Hilton (conveners)

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