I think there is another perspective on this which, if taken seriously, 
makes these questions irrelevant. That perspective, in a word, is 
Wisconsin. Now I tend to be fundamentally pessimistic, but there are 
times when the optimism of the will reduces the pessimism of the 
intellect to an irrelevancy. There has been a change in the political 
atmosphere: it may fizzle out; this long interim of left irrelevancy may 
have longer to go. But perhaps not; perhaps the change is real and a 
fuse has been lit. My personal slogan in such a context is, Defeats are 
defeats, we live with them. But when we are successful _and not prepared 
to build on that success,THAT is unacceptable. The complex of events and 
responses I summarize under the head of "Wisconsin," may constitute the 
sort of success that must be built on. And so the question of mass 
organization comes to the fore, subordinating the questions Michael
asks here.

And from that perspective, from the perspective of local organizing, I 
do not think there is or should be any real debate. We condemn the U.S. 
murder of Bin Laden. We put that in statements by whatever local 
organization we have. We put it in letters to the editor. We proclaim it 
on every opportunity. We urge our members to urge their friends to see 
the world through this outrageous murder. We compare it to - no we 
identify it with, the murder of Diem & Lumumba, the kidnapping of 
Noriega, the hanging of Sadaam, the overthrow of Mossedegh. We engage 
those who respond in conversation of what it means for a state to engage 
as a standard practice the assassination of heads of states or of any 
person who is an annoyance.

This is not difficult. Organizing consist in first reaching those who 
already agree with us - those who honk their horns as they pass by our 
monthly demo. We incorporate them and move them to see the need for 
popular action. We look at the Bin Laden murder strictly from this point 
of view. IF our movement grows, if more and more people come to agree 
with LBJ that if you want to understand US policies abroad, look at US 
policies at home: Bingo! Already the  Bin Laden murder is linked to, is 
part of the same pattern as, the Austerity Drive against which Wisconsin 

O.K. This leads in innumerable directions which can only be sorted out 
through democratic discussion within movement groups, at teach-ins, at 
rallies. Neither one person nor a few can work out what is to be done - 
beyond the necessity of reaching and enlarging that core which can begin 
the necessary discussion. That will bring us back to some of the matters 
Michael discusses. The masses and not merely intellectuals do, once 
ignited, want to know.

Let us begin. Each in his/her place.


Stuart, et al., [clip]