Why do Louis and you, Michael take MRz to task for reproducing an official Venezuelan gov't piece.  They didn't endorse it.  I for one am glad they published it, otherwise i would not have been aware of how f ..up Venezuelan foreign policy is.  On the other hand Chavez does describe the Bolivarian revolution as a "Patriotic" revolution.  That is what has happened throughout the twentieth century: The Marxist cadre parties have mobilized the masses around patriotic themes.  The nationalist consciousness is already there, instilled by the bourgeoisie; so they take it over.  "The Great Patriotic War," for example.  What is ultimately needed is proletarian consciousness.  Cuba appears to have had some success in developing a class consciousness that transcends nationalism.  In the U.S. one of the obstacles to true working class consciousness is a labor movement that also appeals to nationalism.

OK Venezuelan foreign policy is F .. up.  What's next?  Stop beating a dead horse.

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[log in to unmask]" type="cite">I doubt that many here will consider Louis Proyect a liberal or soft on US imperialism, but he expresses very similar concerns to those I have here.



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Hugo Chavez, Monthly Review, and the Syrian torture state

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On November 2, 2009, MRZine published an article by National Lawyers Guild president Marjorie Cohn that concluded: The U.S. government should disclose the identities, fate, and current whereabouts of all persons detained by the CIA or rendered to foreign custody by the CIA since 2001.  Those who ordered renditions should be prosecuted.  And the special [...]


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