This raises the interesting question of why more of the roughly 100 people on this list do not participate, either by posting material of their own or pitching in during discussions and debates. I think it's unfortunate, and hope that some of the "lurkers" out there (I use quotation marks to indicate that I do not use this term in the pejorative sense but the neutral internet list serve sense) will consider chiming in more often. They certainly must have opinions to express, and there is certainly nothing stopping them from doing so.


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Ok. All generalizations are wrong (including this one). :)

My generalization about the view of Cuba by members of this list is now wrong. 

Sigh.  Hard to generalize without taking a poll and that will probably make things more complicated not less.


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At 03:33 PM 5/11/2011, Larry Romsted wrote:
Yes, but I think you mis read this list.  Virtually all the who respond about Cuba think of it as state capitalist, not including myself. I don't have a full understand about Cuba

Hi Larry,
Unlike the USSR, I do not think of Cuba as state capitalist. Cuba's system is a form of socialism.


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