Larry, how can Cuba have 'independent' parties when many such parties would be immediately co-opted by the US, as is the case in so many other countries?  Same with the media.  I think they are in a bind if they really want to keep their socialist achievements.  Any move towards "democracy" is bound to end up a sham, in the style of Eastern Europe.



I cannot evaluate what is happening in Cuba in terms of social structures, but they probably need an independent media, does not need to be corporate, just independent, and independent political parties.  Is that possible?


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Subject: Re: provocateurs and Stalinists

SftP Folk,

I just got back from a week in Cuba. Haven't been there in many years. I was there during the collapse of the Soviet Union and a little while after that.... and over those years, kept in touch with ordinary folk we befriended as well as key party and government folk.

I remember the US Left back in those terrible days of postSoviet Cuba fiercely and arrogantly criticizing the Cubans for beginning to abandon socialism and head on down the capitalist road with their push for increasing tourism and attempts at what seemed to be privatizing farming. These Lefties were predicting the capitulation of the Cuban Communist Party to capitalism within a few years.

Obviously it did not happen. Obviously the Cubans still have a ton of social, economic and cultural issues to deal with. And obviously, after 50 years and almost three generations of folk, you have a different mindset among ordinary Cubans than you have here in the US over that same period of time. I believe that Cuban mindset is a better mindset to deal with the protracted struggle for equity and democracy than what has developed here-- even among the white Left here in the US.

I ask a simple question to my Leftist Comrades: What Should the Cuban leadership and people do to advance Socialism in Cuba? We criticize but offer nothing to help them along the Socialist Road.

Can we- the tiny discombulated and atomized Left in the US (and the West) be so arrogant as to just stand and criticize as all-knowing socialist gods?

In Struggle,

Sam Anderson

On May 11, 2011, at 4:01 PM, Larry Romsted wrote:


Ok. All generalizations are wrong (including this one). :)

My generalization about the view of Cuba by members of this list is now wrong. 

Sigh.  Hard to generalize without taking a poll and that will probably make things more complicated not less.


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Subject: Re: provocateurs and Stalinists

At 03:33 PM 5/11/2011, Larry Romsted wrote:
Yes, but I think you mis read this list.  Virtually all the who respond about Cuba think of it as state capitalist, not including myself. I don't have a full understand about Cuba

Hi Larry,
Unlike the USSR, I do not think of Cuba as state capitalist. Cuba's system is a form of socialism.


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