Great pictures and great moths - thanks for sharing them!  The moths in "2mysterymoths.jpg" are Arched Hooktip (Drepana arcuata) on left and Two-lined Hooktip (Drepana bilineata) on right.  In the other photo, the big moth is a Waved Sphinx (Ceratomia undulosa) [huge awesome moths and powerful fliers - they tend to look like bats when they come to the window!].  The moths to either side of the Waved Sphinx are a species of melanolophia (M. canadaria [Canada M.] or M. signataria [Signate M.]) on the left and Common Gluphisia (Gluphisia septentrionis) on the right.

As for large silkmoths, I have had many Luna Moths over the past few nights, plus Rosy Maple Moths, which are technically silkmoths and are gorgeous, but are not particularly big...  This week's hot and humid weather is perfect for moths - everyone should keep a light on and an eye out!

Good mothing,
Davie Rolnick
Rupert, VT

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Leaving our porch lite on the last few nites in Andover has produced some moths that are not in the book we have.  Could anyone help?

The moth on the front door measured almost 2" front to back.  Last year on June 6, we had a Polyphemus Moth but we have not seen any so far this year.  Has anyone seen any of the large silk moths this year?


Russ and Gail Kruetzman