Greetings Russ & Gail:

In your first photo the moth appears to be Ceratomia undulosa, (Waved Sphinx), and in your second photo you have two different
Hooktip moths.  The first appears to be Drepana arcuata, (Arched Hooktip), and the second Drepana bilineata,(Two lined Hooktip).

Scott Griggs
Grand Isle

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Subject: [VTLEPS] Unidentified Moths

Leaving our porch lite on the last few nites in Andover has produced some moths that are not in the book we have.  Could anyone help?

The moth on the front door measured almost 2" front to back.  Last year on June 6, we had a Polyphemus Moth but we have not seen any so far this year.  Has anyone seen any of the large silk moths this year?
Russ and Gail Kruetzman