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You mean a group voice....wouldn't that be fantastic.

Patti Reynolds

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You are not out on a limb at all. Magnet is an excellent example, as is
locating all manner of recertification and best practices materials, not
to mention Evidence Based Practice information. Working with AMA, ANA,
etc. is a good idea.

Let's develop a campaign of sorts, and work on eliminating the need for
individual librarians having to argue / delineate / explain our value to
the organization every year. 

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I may be going out on a limb here but this is my thought. We advocate
for physicians, nurses and other allied health care workers in order to
provide them with the best evidence based information to do their jobs
and promote patient care and patient safety. 

I would like to see the AMA and the other respective medical
associations as well as the ANA and similar organizations, as well as
the MLA., take up the issue of the value of the medical library and the
professional status of medical librarians, informationists or whatever
we deem we are. With specialties in almost all areas looking for
specialized certification, it would only seem appropriate that they
would have to have the best information available. Magnet as an
example!!! Are there magnet hospitals without libraries or librarians.

Information systems and Human Resource employees do not do literature
searches nor are they completely qualified to know which databases and
journals to license, nor do they focus their attention to the delivery
of up to the minute information..They do not create and manage web pages
which answer the needs of those who use evidence based medicine. And yet
these departments have incredible clout. 

I worry for the young people coming into our field with skills far
superior than I ever had. They need advocates and they need to be chosen
for these superior skills. We need to have google like workplaces and
salaries  for our brightest up and coming professionals. 

As I said before this takes collaboration outside the field and
dedicated advocates.  

These are just a few of my random thoughts..thanks for "listening"

Patti Reynolds

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I totally agree.  I have had to fight for my salary increases and job
adjustments, and have been fed quite a bit of BS - pardon my frank
- by HR people about what my level is and why it has to be so.  For
instance, I was told that OSHPD (Office of Statewide Health Planning and
Development for State of California) dictates that the medical librarian
position is at a Technician level.  From my own research, I did not find
that to be the case.  OSHPD puts Master's degreed librarians in the
Professional/Management category.  Just one example.  And I feel that my
attempts to justify and support my position have been met with
and displeasure. 

Ardis Weiss, MS, BA

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Subject: Librarian salaries

I have been privately and locally discussing this for some time. I think
time has come to open not only a discussion of our wage level in
to other professions but also the methods in which Human Resources
departments arrive at wage levels.
Job descriptions call for advanced degrees on the masters level,
technological abilities and computer skills that cover a vast array of
individual skills found in many Information Systems Departments. The
to negotiate online licenses, manage web pages, and deal with the newer
informatic technologies that deal with electronic medical record
are all skill which are above and beyond the old professional standard
medical librarian.
Since so many libraries still maintain the old print standard and others
moving into the electronic world it is critical to capture this movement
inform our own professionals and also address the issues of low salary
I have said for some time that we cannot accept a standard which
the profession and yet we must be ready to move beyond the status quo.
We need to cooperate and collaborate to move this issue... thanks  
Patti Reynolds

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