When I first started at this hospital almost 10 years ago, I was salary
clock in versus salary not clock in.  So even though I was salary, I had
to clock in every time I came and went because I was not a manager of

About 5 or 6 years ago, they made all salary people not clock in.
Although I'm salary and don't clock in, I believe my salary is figured
on an hourly wage.  When I get market value increases they express the
increase as an hourly figure.


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This sort of thing would be so very helpful. Right now, even though I
a solo librarian, in charge of a unit which has its own box on the
organizational chart, with it's own budget line which I have sole
control over, and even though I work in Connecticut, whose state
society has adopted the MLA standards as part of the CME
I have to deal with an HR department who have told me "You are not a
department head and you never will be".  (Note the personalization of
this.) They recently changed my position from salary to hourly, even
though there have been no changes in duties. I was told that since I
don't supervise anyone I should never have been salaried. (And they
assure me that's how other hospitals with solo librarians do it.)
However they had their FLSA person go over my job description six or
seven years ago, and he made it a salaried position because it is
professional.  I've been here 10 years, but I'd make more money as an
entry level school librarian.  And they wonder why I'm not as
enthusiastic as I might be....  

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Subject: Re: [MEDLIB-L] Librarian salaries

Hi all

I sent this out to Patti yesterday - it is the link to the ALIA salary
scales webpage: 

Perhaps you should all collaborate to draw up a similar scale for
responsibility, send it to MLA president & committee and get MLA to
it and ask them to put it on their website as ALIA do. Then perhaps
AMA, hospital associations etc to ratify it and then - who knows?

If that doesn't work, run for MLA office and start a committee and set
your own salary scales enquiry and then make a scale, then etc etc I
impression that there needs to be a national salary scale enquiry at
very least - maybe work with a national industrial relations group??

Good luck!!

Catherine Voutier
Clinical Librarian
Melbourne Health

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