No doubt that the Grant Park day was the least vertical of the season but it was a very nice one.  It was just a few days after the big Chicago blizzard and the snow was deep light powder.  I was on Rossi EVO scaled skis with NNN/BC bindings.  It was light and easy kick & glide.  The park is big, 1/2 mile or so on a side, and square.  I did ~ 3 laps around the perimeter plus exploring within.  It is across the St. from my son's residence.  There is a man made sledding hill that was crowded with kids and parents.  It had gotten roughed up quite a bit by the kids making jumps, digging holes, etc. so I did just one run there. 

The Humboldt Forest day was the XC highlight of the year.  A beautiful high semi desert plateau at ~ 9000 ft. near Ely, NV.  A few hrs. of unplanned XC wherever you find it is a great way to break up a long day of driving the lonely roads of the west.  I recommend it. 
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