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>How many other 48 year-old guys who have two kids, are single parents, own
a house,
>and work a profession, get to ski tons of days all season, most of those
days with rippers
>half their age? I like to think I can keep up...Of course, Dylan has me
beat here, but shit,
>he just turned 40

I gotta give it to you, Jimmy.  Like you always say, its easy for us young
ones to get 100-150 day seasons when we have no children and no real
responsibilities other than to track up as much powder as possible.  But for
folks like you, Scotty D, and Dylan (among many others here on this list)
who I know are on the mountain a ridiculous amount of days... its impressive
to have kids, family, and real jobs and still get up here several days per
week.  Cheers to that!  As Dave and I have always told you guys... it makes
us realize that life does not end when you get older.  You guys have just as
much fun as we do.

While we are talking about and taking a look back at 2010-2011... I was
going through photos the other day and figure I'll add some "year-book"
comments and some photos of the fun-to-hang-with crew of Stowe skiers and
riders we have on this list (and maybe a few off the list). 

And thinking about the cast of characters, it reminded me that 8 years ago
Dave and I bought our first passes to Stowe as college freshmen.  Friends
were trying to convince us to go to Sugarbush (which is where most of our
early college friends skied & also a great mountain choice).  So, we were
about to buy a Bush pass when I received a back-channel message from Jerm. 
He said under no circumstances do you buy a pass to any other mountain but
Stowe...maybe a mid-week pass to MRG to supplement the Stowe pass, he said,
but if you want the best terrain in New England you go to Mansfield.  I wish
I still had that email.  Thanks, Jerm.  You were right and that was the sole
reason Dave and I blindly purchased a Stowe pass.  We knew no one else that
skied there, had never been there, and now the place literally feels like home.

A few years later a high-schooler named Allen Taylor, pretty much asked the
same question I did to this list: I'm going to UVM and was wondering what
mountain should I buy a seasons pass at?  He ended up making quite a name
for himself on the slopes of Mansfield.         

For the next few seasons, Dave and I skied Stowe every Tuesday, Thursday,
Saturday and Sunday.  I'd put together picture trip reports every Tuesday
and Thursday and I remember if one wasn't posted by dinner-time I'd get
back-channel messages from folks on the list wondering where their
Tuesday/Thursday update was, haha.  Then somewhere along the line Dave and I
met Jim and Scotty D.  We figured out that the two of them were identical to
us, just several years older; two good-friends out plundering the mountain.
 After a few ski days with them, Jim and Scotty D said goodbye to MRG and
Smuggs and ended up purchasing Stowe seasons passes.  I think they are hooked.

I still remember the first time we skied with Dylan (and his friend Andy). 
Skiing with Dylan, Dave and I were exposed to a different style of skiing
that we wanted to emulate... full-out, balls-to-the-wall charging through
tight trees.  On that day, Dave ended up slamming his knee into a tree out
in Angel Food and was out for 4 weeks... but we felt as though our skiing
would approach a new level if we skied more with Dylan.  Thanks for pushing
us, man. 

There is an unlimited list of characters but since this thread is about
2010-2011 and not past seasons, here are some of my favorite pictures of
some of the best ski friends anyone could ask for. 

Yes, there are friends on a powder day... and we ski a lot of powder.

JJ, always a top choice for a ski buddy...
...and always up for an adventure.

Dylan G... we may have had too much fun this season, whether it was neck
deep pow in the trees or Thursday ski club with the sales and marketing girls.
This is my favorite photo of the season from probably my favorite day of the
season.  11" of total fluff overnight on top of several weeks of continued
snow with no thaw.  There was a legitimate 30-40" of unconsolidated powder
by the end of January on top of the last rain crust which was from early
January.  Dylan knows what to do with three feet of the bubbly.
More favorites... I could post deep pow photos of Dylan all day long.
And sometimes he likes the aerial route.

Scotty D... what can I say?  Always down for a party on or off the mountain.
He also likes romantic walks under rainbows... "Dylan can't be in all the
cool photos."

Dave... unfortunately don't get to ski with him as much as I used to, but
he'll always be one of my most trusted ski buddies.

Aaron L... always there for Sunday and Monday ski club... and always ready
for some steep and deep adventure.

Julie... a great addition to the crew; JJ is a lucky man to have a girl that
wants to ski so much.  Dare I say there were many mid-week days when I saw
Julie riding the Quad when JJ was at work?  She's hooked.

Josh... one of the best snowboarders I've ever skied with.

AJ... always up for deep-woods searching of powder.

Bruno and K... always hilarious and a ton of fun to be around.

Steve, who I met through AJ and Josh...

Phelps...another Stowe employee who seems to spend more time on the hill
than in the office.

Lastly, can't forget Chet B. from CT....JJ's alias when he was playing
hooky.  If I wanted to throw up a picture of him on and he wasn't
supposed to be at the mountain, the caption would reference "Chet B from
CT."  Now that his cover is blown, we'll have to come up with something new
for next season.

2010-2011 was by far the most fun I've ever had over a 7 month period. 
Living and breathing skiing on that mountain and in town with some of the
best people around.  As a person who's life in the winter revolves around
snow on that mountain, there's nothing I love more than being literally the
first person at the mountain in the morning.  Aside from the second shift
groomers, I'm the first person to get to find out what happened overnight. 
I get 60-90 minutes by myself in the office before the next person shows up,
and I've learned to really look forward to that time... especially when its
storming.  There's something about being alone up there in the pitch black,
wandering through drifts with a headlamp to the snow plot, sitting inside
listening to the building creak in the gales, shoveling out the entrance way
so I can open the door... its when I get to spend some alone time with the
This is also about the time when every person mentioned above gets a 5:30am
text message if it snowed overnight.  I think of it as the snow report
digest... 6" new overnight at the Barnes Camp snow plot, snowing 1"/hr, you
want to get here early.

Till we get to do it all over again...


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