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Elemental Microanalysis will sell you replacement elements (one at a 
time), and Kanthal-Globar would sell you some (minimum order??).  There 
are other furnace companies that may have heating elements too see:

If you have the element out, and have some spare Macor and money around, 
you might want to have a shop mill out backup collar.

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On 6/22/2011 1:15 PM, A. Schauer wrote:
> Hi all,
> Our TCEA on our MAT253 stopped heating. We can sadly watch a 
> reasonable, decreasing, temperature displayed on the controller. The 
> thermocouple has a resistance, when unplugged, of 0.7 ohms. The 
> heating element has a resistance, when unplugged, of 300 ohms. The 
> manual seems to indicate that a new element will have a resistance of 
> 5 ohms and an older one 9 ohms.
> 1) Am I interpreting things correctly when I think the element is 
> dead? If so, any chance I can order just the element? I see a 
> smattering of old posts indicating folks have done this but no details 
> are specified. Does Thermo sell just the heating element? If not, what 
> alternative company have you had success with?
> 2) I see the part number for the entire oven assembly is EX1121200 and 
> has a cost of $8212 with 35% back if exchanged. Does anyone know of 
> any alternatives?
> Thank you.
> andy
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