We have been having an interesting issue. In the middle of an EA-IRMS run (in the middle of the night) all the heaters turn on (analyzer, inlet, inlet valve, source). 

I notice this in the morning because mass 46 is very high, while mass 44 and 45 are low compared to normal. this occurs on both the sample peaks and reference pulses. After a slow magnet move to CO2 and a peak centre, the expected voltages come back. It took me a while to note that the heaters turned on as they are usually hidden, but this must be the underling issue as the jump calibration is no longer valid.

I assumed this must be a strange bug in the software, and used version handler to go back to when this problem didn't occur and it worked well for a couple of weeks. Unfortunately, this morning... the heaters were on, and the calibration was off. 

Any help would be appreciated. We have a Costech EA, ConFlo IV, and Delta VPlus, with IsoDat 3.0.



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