Hello Isotopers,

I'm curious as to what kind of tuning folks are going through before running their MAT253s for d15N analysis. I seem to be going through a hit and miss in terms of obtaining consistent d15N values for a variable weight standard, when at other times I've had no problems. I've just switched over from our gasbench to the EA, and I'm unable to obtain the "sweet" spot I used to have with d15N results on a given standard. I've spent the past week or so simply doing variable weight standard analyses and I'm seeing a very apparent logarithmic isotope effect as I lower the weight on this one typically very consistent standard (and no the standard is not contaminated). My experience with tuning and speaking with thermo engineers is:

i) tune for max sensitivity
ii) then lower the extraction (a tradeoff occurs where you give up voltage for improved linearity)
iii) if that doesn't work, start adjusting the electron energy.



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