My business person also questioned a 3rd party insurance also, but after
doing some research and a better buisness search they were convinced.   It
also helped that StudentInsurancePartners are affiliated with Worth Ave.
Group which she recognized as a reputable insurance agency.

We did come to the conclusion that self insuring may have been cheaper, but
since we were just passing the cost onto the parents and did not want to
deal with the making sure we had the money set aside all year long, the 3rd
part insurance worked out better.

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On Fri, Jun 3, 2011 at 11:50 AM, Robert Gervais <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

>  BJ, very interesting that your SU allows you to do this insurance plan.
>  We originally proposed something similar, as modeled after the Maine
> initiative using, and our Business Manager nixed it; basically
> saying the company wasn't really an insurance company and won't pay claims
> -as the primary insurer- without trying to exhaust all other avenues first
> (ie: trying to bill to the school's building insurance).
> Instead we've looked at the total cost of repairs & thefts (very very rare)
> and found that it's cheaper to self-insure by having about 10% surplus of
> devices available, as well as doing repairs ourselves.  Many schools in
> Maine, I've been told, have also gone this route.
> It would be nice to know if something like "student insurance" could be an
> optional purchase for parents.
> Are other schools using 3rd party insurance as options?  Any feedback very
> much appreciated!
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