The rate of growth in file storage on our server has slowed drastically as
our use of Google Domains for Ed has increased.  I am waiting for the
school year to end, so I can delete the graduating seniors files, before I
do a comparison to last year, but instead of doubling the amount of
storage used every year I'm predicting 10 or 20 percent growth.

We are also using school tube for video hosting, and most of our video
editing programs work best with the files stored locally.

These changes do not happen over night, but are linked to people changing
where they do their work to the cloud based services.

I'm putting my resources (both time and budget) into acquiring sufficient
bandwidth.  Servers are back burnered.

Craig Lyndes
St Albans City School

> Its time to replace our old file server.  Before I spend the money that
> could be used elsewhere, I am wondering if anyone is using google or
> dropbox
> or some sort of online storage, rather than having a local file server.
> Experiences?  Thanks.
> --
> Will Hatch
> Educational Technology Specialist
> Vergennes Union Elementary School