Thanks for this posting...from a users perspective I want to access my stuff from any device and now that wireless access can be had from my phone or at the local coffee shop why would I need to be tied to a box at school. 

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I'm not piloting this ship.  These changes are occurring whether I choose
them or not.

I observe that the ability for multiple people to simultaneously edit a
document is a compelling reason to use cloud based applications.  Along
with these cloud based applications come cloud based storage.

To a lesser degree the ability to use an application from any platform,
Win, Mac or Linux and increasingly mobile devices (I can edit from my
Android phone) removes a serious barrier.  The Microsoft Office vs Open
Office discussion is irrelevant for many of our users.

To be able to access from anywhere is huge. I have set up remote access to
our servers (web dav and terminal services) and the amount of effort on my
part and the user interface make these solutions less than attractive.

What really takes the cake is it is free and available now.  I can set up
and configure a GAFE in less than a day.

Given all this I am putting my efforts into obtaining bandwidth not server
storage.  This doesn't mean that I'm not sad to see the technologies I am
familiar and comfortable with fade.  It doesn't mean that all this change
doesn't make me feel my age.  All it means is that I've been in this
business long enough to know better than to expect everything to stay the
same and I've chosen to promote what I hope are improvements in the
technology, not fight them.

I've been wrong before - lets see where this all leads.

Craig Lyndes

> I would encourage people to check out our open source file server at
> that provides file sharing and Active Directory
> domain
> management.  We have a lot of schools and organizations around the world
> that have started using the open source version, its definitely a valuable
> tool, and completely free.
> On Tue, Jun 14, 2011 at 8:49 AM, William Hatch <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
>> Its time to replace our old file server.  Before I spend the money that
>> could be used elsewhere, I am wondering if anyone is using google or
>> dropbox
>> or some sort of online storage, rather than having a local file server.
>> Experiences?  Thanks.
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