All Vermont Educators!
ISTE 2011  !!!!  *
Canít get to Philadelphia on June 25th-28th? NO Problem! *  SIGVE (special
interest group for virtual education) speakers will be presenting their
topics on the 27th and 28th at ISTE Island in Second Life.

<>You'll need a
second life account which can be gotten here or ask me (Jane) and I'll loan you
one of my training avatars.

The schedule of  Presenters can be found at:

30 plus fantastic speakers to choose from!

NO traffic, NO Hotels, just grab a cup of coffee, put your feet up and join
in from the comfort of your home!!!  Come for one session or plan to spend
the day or two.

*Oh, So you are going to Philadelphia. Great!*  Spend some time at the SIGVE
(special interest group for virtual education) Playground at the conference
center - see/hear the same speakers as listed above and chat up the on-site
presenters/volunteers about how they use Virtual Worlds and other really
cool tech in Teaching

Here's a sampling for Monday 6/27

8:30 a.m. EST

John Lemmon presents

*Outdoor Animation*

Platform: Outdoors

Stop motion animation and clay animation are strictly for indoors, right?
Not anymore. See how the iPod touch, cool apps and personal hotspots let
students and teachers create, edit and upload animation while outdoors. Want
to make a movie about the plant cycle? Take it outdoors!

10:30 a.m. EST

Jessica Brogley presents

*Second Life for NOOBs : )*

Platform: Second Life

I'm barely in Second Life so I offer a good perspective on how a teacher can
manage their experience in SL in a realistic way that is fun and
educational. I will show people how to maximize their experience when they
don't have a lot of time or skill. Of course, the most important concept --
have a sense of humor and be patient!

1:00 pm EST

Marianne Malmstrom presents

*LEGO Universe "Saving the Universe" in School*

Platform: Lego Universe

Last fall the Elisabeth Morrow School, in Englwooe, N.J., embarked on an
exciting quest: develop an after-school program that teaches safe, civil
online behavior to 3rd and 4th graders using LEGO Universe. Designed for
8-to-12-year-olds, this unique new MMOG allows users to join an epic quest,
complete missions, and create, build, and animate their own content in a
safe environment. These combined features, along with the game's popularity
with our students, made LEGO Universe a promising candidate for use in our
after-school classroom.

Any questions? Please contact:
Dennis Johnson [log in to unmask] (Darwin Daxtor in Second Life)
Jane Wilde [log in to unmask] (Esme Qunhua in Second Life

Jane Wilde
Geek, learner, teacher, trainer
Faculty, Marlboro College Graduate School
Doctoral student, University at Albany
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