Thanks for the suggestion, all tho this is how we have done it in the past
in past years. The issue with this is that there is resistance for us to
continue doing so by the districts library committee. Additionally having a
system that can manage products specific to our inventory separate would
have many benefits.

On Thu, Jun 30, 2011 at 8:24 AM, Josh Blumberg <[log in to unmask]>wrote:

> Michael,
>     Make sure you look at your school's library catalog system as well and
> see if this will meet some of your needs.  This is the solution we are using
> for tracking loaned and checked out equipment at a few ACSU schools.  We do
> maintain separate spreadsheets for inventory and warranty purposes but the
> loaning functionality is handled through our library catalog.
>    - Josh
> On Fri, Jun 24, 2011 at 9:09 AM, School Information Technology Discussion
> <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
>> I am in the midst of researching asset tracking software for CVU's Media
>> Services circulating inventory. I was interested to know what others are
>> using, and some of the pros and cons you have encountered for how your
>> institution is run. I am open to any open-source suggestions. As of now I
>> am looking into the three below:
>> RedBeam, Check In Check Out
>> Jolly, Asset Track Enterprise Edition
>> PrimaSoft, Equipment Tracker Pro, v2.7
>> I need it to support the following:
>>   * Configurable Rental and Overdue Settings by Item
>>   * Item Barcode Label Printing
>>   * Flexible User Defined Fields
>>   * Reporting with Scope and Sort Capabilities
>>   * Transaction History
>>   * Import and Export with Microsoft® Excel
>>   * Track by Patron, and Department/location
>>   * Calculate Rental and Overdue Fees
>> and would like for it to be able to accommodate for this:
>>   * Easy-to-Use Interface
>>   * Notify Users of Items Overdue
>>   * Track Item Usage
>>   * Networking or web base
>>   * Patron Pics
>> any input would be appreciated.
>> Thanks,
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>> Education Media Design & Technology Coordinator
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>> that you're free to do anything"
>> Chuck Palahniuk

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"It's only after you've lost everything,
that you're free to do anything"*
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