This evening at Otter View Park a Virginia Rail was making squawking sounds 
and crossing back and forth under the boardwalk as I walked down it. It went 
into the reeds and disappeared after I passed. There are pictures and a 
video of another encounter I had with Rails on Sunday on the Otter Creek 
Audubon Website:

From the end of the boardwalk I spied a Pied-billed Grebe down river. This 
is the third time I have seen one here this June. It could be the same bird 
as there are plenty of places for it to hide its presence when it isn't 
feeding, so I could have easily have missed it during my intervening visits. 
Interestingly, I saw it dive and stay down for over a minute, and while it 
was down I was able to see through my scope little fish jumping up out of 
the water, I presume attempting to escape the Grebe.

Ron Payne
Middlebury, VT

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Otter View Park, Addison, US-VT
Jun 21, 2011 6:30 PM - 8:10 PM
Protocol: Traveling
0.5 mile(s)
32 species

Canada Goose  13
Wood Duck  17
Mallard  1
Pied-billed Grebe  1
Green Heron  1
Virginia Rail  1
Ring-billed Gull  1
Mourning Dove  2
Chimney Swift  4
Northern Flicker (Yellow-shafted)  1
Great Crested Flycatcher  1
Eastern Kingbird  1
Warbling Vireo  1
American Crow  11
Northern Rough-winged Swallow  4
Tree Swallow  3
Barn Swallow  1
Black-capped Chickadee  1
American Robin  2
Gray Catbird  4
European Starling  1
Cedar Waxwing  10
Yellow Warbler  3
Common Yellowthroat  1
Song Sparrow  4
Swamp Sparrow  2
Northern Cardinal  2
Red-winged Blackbird  10
Common Grackle  9
Baltimore Oriole  2
American Goldfinch  3
House Sparrow  1

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