Hi Birders,

Three Mad Birders (Patti Haynes, Ali Wagner, and Pat Folsom) headed to
Barr Hill in Orleans County yesterday.  We are helping Patti in her quest
to bird all fourteen VT counties this year.  Ali, our lister, also kept
track of birds seen in Washington and Caledonia Counties.

We recorded 43 species at Barr Hill.  Highlights included a male Northern
Harrier, many Golden-crowned Kinglets, Indigo Bunting, and twelve species
of warbler.  The most exciting warblers were two Mourning Warblers,
Blackburnians, and many Northern Parulas, many of them low and flitting
around.  One even landed on Ali's shirt!!

Later we visited Highland Lodge and nearby Hardwick Road where we added 8
more species including a Common Loon on Caspian Lake.

Heading home on Route 14, we came to a screeching halt just south of the
Hardwick/Woodbury line. We spotted a large white raptor in a tree.  We
admired and photographed this beautiful bird for several minutes.  We're
thinking that it is the same leucistic Red-tailed Hawk that has been seen
in Central VT for several years.  Has anyone seen it in this area
recently?  I posted a photo on ebird and hope to have one on soon.

We ended the day with 58 species in 3 counties and Patti has now birded 13

Happy birding,