Make that two Blue-winged Teal (males) standing together in the marsh along Pond Road this afternoon. I haven't seen the female for awhile, but I can "feel" her presence. Alison Wagner and I also saw three male Wood Ducks in various stages of eclipse plumage and at least two females coralling several young.

Bruce MacPherson
South Burlington

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Hi VTBirders,

A Blue-winged Teal, presumably the same one that has been seen throughout
the month, was in the marshy area on Pond Rd. near Shelburne Pond yesterday
evening.  In the same area were several male Wood Ducks going into their
"eclipse" plumage.  Lots of swallows foraging on the pond.  The rain made it
tough to ID the ones directly overhead, but I was able to pick out Bank,
Rough-winged, Barn, and Tree Swallows over the water.  One Herring Gull and
one Caspian Tern were mingling with the Ring-billed Gulls on the field, and
I had a Green Heron flyby.  The Red-eyed Vireo was faithfully sitting in her
nest, the cowbird eggs presumably still there.

Good birding,

Larry Clarfeld
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