I love my Iphone and use it for so many things. I can carry all my music,
take photos, get my email, post to FB, listen to Pandora, check ski
conditions, skivt-l, nyskiblog, water levels, get the music schedule for the
latest festival, and just about any question can be answered in just a
minute or two. It's all at the tip of your fingers. I also use it to
estimate wind conditions, get the latest weather (when on the lake...being
able to see the radar really helps and also can help determine which is the
best route home from The North Country in the winter). If you ever get
lost...the phone can tell you where you are. It is worth every penny I pay.

Some prefer the Android products (has nicer navigation and a flash for
photos...Iphone doesn't). What sux about Iphone is Itunes....don't get me
started on that. I don't buy my music from Itunes, but I'm forced to manage
my music with Itunes and it isn't very intuitive...especially for an Apple
product. Those are my only qualms about the Iphone. But now that I have the
Iphone, it is much easier to stay with it than to change.

Good luck with your decision. Let us know what you end up doing.


PS I signed up for Twitter...and don't find I need to tweet or be tweeted
at...not my thing, but I was curious and signed up. I never check it. I have
enough to do online as it is.

On Mon, May 30, 2011 at 7:02 PM, Mark P. Renson <[log in to unmask]>wrote:

>   I still do not own the above.  Seriously.  You know, one of those
> handheld Blackberry/Crackberry/Dingleberry iPhone/Wicked Smaht Phone sorta'
> things that operate as a cell phone, text messager, internet, Dick Tracy 2
> way wrist radio, camera, sex toy all wrapped up into 1 sorta' deals.  What
> is the best route?  I really do not want one of these annoying toys, but it
> appears that in this day 'n age ya' gotta' have one, sadly enough.  What is
> the cheapest way to go?  Might have to give up cable TV to accomodate this.
> I guess it could be used to check in on the Wx and obsessively check out
> the Auto Road Temp Profile.
> Also, who uses Twitter?  Is it useful?  It appears dangerous - you know,
> ya' get pi$$ed at the boss one day and you tweet every twit "my boss blows
> and I'm gonna' show up locked and loaded at Dronesville tomorrow and fix
> his/her/it's arse" to which you later wind up regretting ever tweeting that
> probably like I'll regret sending this post.  I like Facebook cuz' it's phun
> and LinkedIn I think is very powerful
> Mark P. Renson
> This was not sent via a Crackberry
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