I had hoped to get to the Rockpile last Sunday, but all my potential accomplices were either otherwise engaged or were done for the season.  Not wanting to make the trek from Burlington solo I decided to stick around town and play volleyball.  Definitely not a bad way to spend an afternoon, but I was a little bummed that I had missed my last chance to get to slide on snow for the season (and a great day at that from what I've read on t4t).  With more rain and warm temps last week I resigned myself to packing it in. 

Then... on Sunday I heard from Aaron.  After he spent Saturday driving up and down Rt 100 unsuccessfully looking for some snow to ski, he decided he needed to pay Otto a visit on Memorial Day.  The beta we could gather led us to believe there were still a few hundred continuous vert to ski, and that the fog would be lifting by late morning.   The winds would be ripping up high, but we were pretty sure we could deal.

Ripping winds is exactly what we found as we got to the summit.
Flags blowing in the wind

Aaron on the summit

Josh on the summit

Not wanting to stay up there long we went back downhill a little ways and began the hike to our destination:


With a little hiking...

aaron hiking

a stop to wave to the cog...


and smell the alpine flowers


we were there

On top of it

Once in the protection of the gully the wind was practically non-existent, the sky was continuing to clear, and even though we had just reached the snow things were beginning to feel a lot more like summer.  In fact things felt so much like summer that as we ate our lunch the black flies began to swarm around us.  Never thought I would need bug spray for snowboarding!

Not wanting to sit there and get bitten up we decided it was time for what we came for.  I went first and led the way

josh shredding

and Aaron followed

aaron ski

What a blast!  The snow was soft, the line tight and steep.  We descended till we ran out of snow and then back up we went

josh boot

A break to enjoy some local reeb


and then we were back for more.  This time Aaron took the lead

aaron ski

and I followed

josh shred

Not wanting to say goodbye to the snow quite yet, we went back for thirds


Finally feeling content with our harvest we packed up our gear and headed out

aaron return josh return

What a great day to be on the Rockpile.  Otto came through huge, allowing us to give winter a proper send off.  I think now I am finally ready to be done for the season, but I make no promises ;-)

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