Wow -- sounds like there are no worries about your motility, John -- and that 
congrats are in order -- Nice work!  

One of the best tips I ever got about skiing with babies is to take a down jacket, 
tie knots in the sleeves, slide fat baby legs into said sleeve/booties, and cinch 
the waist-cord around the neck (not too tight, of course!).  Then slide the bundle 
of joy into the backpack of choice (kid's frame pack, of course!), and boom!  The 
kid's ready to ski.  Add balaclava as necessary.  No groping hands to yank on 
your hair/goggles, etc, and you have a toasty little youngin'.   It probably goes 
without saying that helmets, in this case, are a really bad idea.  

Good luck with the whole enterprise!


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