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Lynn (who coaches the UVM Dance Team) is organizing a Flash Mob for
Convocation (details below).  If you'd like to participate, please email
her at [log in to unmask]

I have been asked to organize a Flash Mob for Convocation. This will
occur on Sunday, August 28, at 6pm. I have secured the dance studio from
4-6pm so that everyone can congregate and learn the dance.It is  Katy
Perry's Fireworks. It will only be for about 1:30 minutes and I promise
it will be simple enough that everyone can do it and learn it in two hours.

Basically, the Top Cats will sing as the students are coming in at 6pm
and then our music will begin. It would be great if some of the Top Cats
would join in. As the song comes to a close, you take a bow and get out.
You are NOT required to stay longer than 6:03...our performance will
start at 6:01. I think we are getting first year tee shirts to wear, but
will find out more about that in a bit. You will be scattered throughout
the gym to blend in with the first years.

Right now,I am trying to get a feel for how many people are willing to
do this. Please ask your friends, neighbors, roommates, boy/girlfriends,
sorority sisters,fraternity brothers, fellow athletes, fellow couch
potatoes, put it on Facebook. Anything to get the word out. My goal is
to have at least 50 people involved. Anymore would be wonderful....It is
supposed to be kept a secret from the incoming class.

Please consider this...it is the day before school starts and it is only
two hours out of your life to give up to UVM....come on, it will be fun!
And yes,it will be filmed and put on Youtube...

Thanks, Lynn

Lynn Bessette
Event Coordinator
UVM Dance Team Coach
University of Vermont
194 South Prospect St	Burlington, VT 05401
(802) 656-4510  FAX (802) 656-4663
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