1.) When sharing links from the SCHOOL-IT archive

its best to log out first, the issue Bob ran into was bc BJ was logged in when 
he copied the link and so that URL included BJs username, etc.

"Any chance you could cut and paste the content to which you are referring?"

2.) "I find email archiving or the perceived need to archive email to be largely a 
self-inflicted ritual similar to ..." Dan French

The court rules require delivery of ESI (electronic stored information) if you 
can wholeheartedly say you will never be in court (state or federal) I guess 
you could see archving as pointless (it does have other uses besides litigation 
however) or a waste of money, but my guess is your school or SU attorney 
would much rather you be archiving and have an archving policy in place than 

The link above has lots of information, but from my recolection the 
consequences of not having archives or handing over the ESI as part of 
discovery are fines or presumption of evidence against you.

Neither of which is a good potential outcome.

There is nothing self-imposed about this, if these rules (Federal Rules of Civil 
Procedure aka Federal Court Rules which the state was 'likley' to adopt) did 
not exist, we would not be archving.

We are currently storing 90days of email (bc of storage constraints) down 
from 1year. Our archive solution is free (tied to exchange).

here is a recent case (not a school admitedly)