The FBI and CIA keeps files on activists of all stripes, including environmental 
activists.  They're treated much like terrorists, viewed as potential threat to 

While anyone can file a Freedom of Information request, and you do not need to 
be a U.S. citizen, the government may choose to refuse releasing part or all of 
the requested info on national security grounds.  Still, that's a higher bar 
they'd have to go through.  More info on how to do it here:

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Dear Jenefer, 

On July 4th, we'll celebrate the 45th anniversary of the Freedom of Information 
Act.  As I'm sure you know, FOIA is an essential tool for helping us find out 
what our government is up to, and holding officials accountable.  

But it only  works if we use it!  

That's why DDF is encouraging activists to file FOIA requests about themselves 
and the groups they are involved with.  You never know what you will uncover, 
and every example of FBI abuse helps us make the case for stricter oversight, 
tighter guidelines and stronger protections. 


That's especially important right now, as the FBI is about to adopt new 
 granting its agents even more power to spy, pry and intimidate us.

That's right, the FBI is getting ready to take a giant step backward, right back 
into the days of COINTELPRO and J. Edgar Hoover. 

Help us shine the light on FBI abuses by filing your own FOIA request.  These 
activists did:  


*    Scott Crow got 440 pages revealing that the FBI had spent 3 years tailing 
him, digging through his trash, tracking his phone calls and trying to find ways 
to harass him;
*    David Goodner <>  discovered that the FBI spent nine months spying on Iowa 
peace groups. Hundreds of  pages of documents were released showing that the FBI 
had surreptitiously photographed and videotaped activists, staked out their 
homes and accessed their cell phone and motor vehicle records; 

*    Brendan Dunn <>  filed a FOIA was shocked to discover that his friend and 
fellow activist "John Jacob" was actually a military spy who had infiltrated the 
local peace group;

And many of you remember that when Frank Wilkinson 
 filed a FOIA request in 1986, he got 132,000 pages detailing FBI attempts to 
"neutralize" the Defending Dissent Foundation (when our name was the National 
Committee to Abolish HUAC).

These liberated files help us paint a picture for Congress of unacceptable FBI 
misconduct.  They help us push back against the FBI's claim that they are so 
busy fighting terrorism they don't have time to abuse the First Amendment.

Click here 
 to liberate your file today!  You'll find resources and instructions on how to 
file a FOIA with the FBI, the CIA, the NSA...

I also need to ask you for your help... President Obama and a complicit Congress 
are intent on restoring the FBI to its former self: a lawless agency free to spy 
on Americans who dare to question government policies. But today, we?re looking 
at COINTELPRO on steroids -- with thousands of agents are empowered to 
investigate us, armed with incredibly powerful surveillance tools that would 
make J. Edgar Hoover blush!

That?s why the Defending Dissent Foundation is more important  than ever, and 
why we need your support.

 Click here to make a contribution.

DDF has been leading the lobby effort 
 against extending FBI Director Mueller?s term. We?ve reminded Congress 
 why the term limit was established (to prevent a popular director from 
consolidating power), and that under Director Mueller?s leadership the FBI has 
repeatedly overstepped its authority. This fight is not yet over, and we need 
your support to win it!

DDF is working with allies to highlight the dangers of planned changes to the 
FBI?s operational  guidelines, which lowers the bar to allow 14,000 FBI agents 
to search through your trash, follow you, infiltrate your peace group or 
otherwise invade your life without any suspicion of wrongdoing. Please visit our 
website for more details about the new guidelines, and our work to rollback 
these new authorities. 

DDF supporters and staff made phone calls, sent emails and raised hell 
 over the extension of the PATRIOT Act. We didn?t win this fight, but we did win 
more votes against the  extension than we have in the past. We?ve made a 
foundation upon which we can build. Of course it won?t happen overnight, and 
we?ll need your help!

DDF?s FOIA Yourself! project provides activists with the tools to request their 
files from the FBI and other federal agencies, as well as state and local 
agencies. FOIA is an excellent tool to expose government abuses, but only if we 
use it! If you are ready to ask for your file, click here 
 and get started! 

We?ve learned from the experiences of the past that speaking out, standing up 
for our rights and standing together is a powerful antidote to repression. The 
Defending Dissent Foundation is proud to be able to do that, and proud to count 
you as part of our team. Thanks for all your support!

In Solidarity,
Sue Udry
Executive Director


 Click here for more information about John Jacob's infiltration of the Olympia 
Port Militarization Resistance

 Click here for more  information about the FBI's infiltration of Iowa peace 

 Click here for more information about the FBI investigation and attempts to 
harass Scott Crow.

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