Here is a treasure trove where one can find copies of more than 800 model bills approved by corporations through ALEC (American Legislative Exchange Councilmeetings, nurtured and fueled by the Koch Industries family fortune and other corporate funding.

Follow the link in the article, one can find, for example, the category of Bills Affecting our Water, Air, & Land, and see how they were shaped by corporate interests, here:,_Air,_%26_Land

Original article:
Exposed: Congressional Legislature Approved by Corporations 
Lisa Graves, The Center for Media and Democracy 
Excerpt: "The Center for Media and Democracy has learned ... corporate-politician committees secretly voted on bills to rewrite numerous state laws. According to the documents we have posted to ALEC Exposed, corporations vote as equals with elected politicians on these bills. These task forces target legal rules that reach into almost every area of American life: worker and consumer rights, education, the rights of Americans injured or killed by corporations, taxes, health care, immigration, and the quality of the air we breathe and the water we drink."