I am very cautious in making the following statements to a 54 yr Yankees fan although i did think a lot of Willy Mays.  I'll probably get my tires slashed next time i go to the big apple.
  1. I don't believe we should wear T-shirts or caps or . . . that promote big profit-making capitalist enterprises.
  2. About 2000 years ago i took my stand against bread and circus, because it distracted all us Romans from the stinking slavery that enabled our empire.
  3. Congratulations to the starving underfed child in - you name it - who made it through one more day.
Own up, Mitch, didn't you just emerge from your mother's womb 54 yrs ago

Just in case you imagine that i'm a complete troglodyte, my wife and i thoroughly enjoyed Woody Allen's Midnight in Paris last night.  In the process we contributed to the profits of the theater chain, film distributor, and Woody.  We also consumed about 1 gallon of gas thereby contributing to air pollution.  BUT, the worst of it all is that neither of us contributed any effort at all to advance the political struggle during those two hours.
mea culpa,
herb the sinner

On 7/9/2011 4:32 PM, Mitchel Cohen wrote:
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Many folks here may not care, but CONGRATULATIONS TO DEREK JETER for not only getting his 3,000 hit lifetime, but going 5 for 5 today, including a home run, a double, and the game winning hit.

AND, the kid who caught Derek's home run -- didn't want money (could have had a small fortune), didn't want anything but to give Derek the ball in person and meet him. (There IS grace in this world.)

And so, for a moment, there are no wars, no nuke disasters, no prisons, no bad things happening anywhere.

Yip yip yip yippieeeeee!

(Disclosure: I've been a die-hard Yankee fan for the last 54 years, since the Giants (and my hero, Willie Mays) moved out of New York ....)


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