I have more than a passing knowledge about the properties of aqueous
solutions.  I wanted to read the reference:

Montagnier L, Aissa J, Del Giudice ED, Lavallee C, Tdeschi A and Vitiello G.
DNA waves and water. Journal of Physics: Conferences Series, 2011, in print

I located the Journal of Physics: Conferences Series, 2011,
( but I do not understand the
remainder of the reference: "in print arXiv:1012.5166Ms" and I don't know
which conference is being referred to. I don't read many physics journals,
so I am not acquainted with that notation.

Do you know how to locate the above reference by Montagnier and get a copy?


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Subject:  Re: DNA Sequence Reconstituted from Water Memory?

At 11:17 AM 7/20/2011, Michael Balter wrote:
> Mitchel has put his finger on the main problem here. For some on the left,
> "orthodoxy" has come to include the scientific method, the need for evidence,
> and rationalism itself. Anything outside the scientific method is somehow
> revolutionary,

Is that what I said?
Did I question the need for evidence?

I wish more scientists would open up their minds to allow them to do the
needed research, as Luc Montagnier is doing. ... And Michael B. isn't.


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