My reaction to this is twofold.  On the one hand it is definitely of interest to me, because i am concerned about repression, suppression and violence in any country against various social categories including Journalists..  On the other hand i'm accustomed to be informed of such things through the organizations or list serves etc that serve those various social categories, or through internet sources that are concerned about repression, suppression and violence in general.  For example, this list serve is supposed to serve the critical scientist and technical community on issues that directly impact it in reference to their roles as scientists etc.  Among the kinds of things that get posted, for example, are criticisms of those in the scientific community whose words or deeds besmirch the general reputation of scientists as positive contributors to society.  I'd like to know if there is a list serve or whatever that deals with Journalism for the People where not only could this url be posted but also the following:

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A new report from the Committee to Protect Journalists.


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