The July 2011 issue of *Mother Pelican* has been posted:
Theme - What is Sustainable Human Development?

The outline for this issue is as follows:

Page 1. Editorial Opinion ~ What is "Sustainable Human Development"?
Page 2. Against Fear: Barry Lopez and Lessons for Communicators, by 
Derek G. Ross
Page 3. The New Middle Ages, by John Weber
Page 4. How Defining Planetary Boundaries Can Transform Our Approach to 
Growth, by Will Steffen, Johan Rockström, and Robert Costanza
Page 5. The Spirit of the Commons, by Jim Kenney
Page 6. Tax Reform for Sustainable Development, by Herman Daly
Page 7. The Financial Transaction Tax for People and the Planet: 
Financing Climate Justice, by the International Cooperation for 
Development and Solidarity (CIDSE)
Page 8. Moving Religion from Anti-Modern to Modern, by Martin E. Marty
Page 8. Patriarchy, Patrimonialism – and Paradigm Change, by Richard H. 
Page 9. Gender Equity in Islam - Part 2: The Economic Aspect, by Jamal 

This issue also includes the following supplements:

Supplement 1: Advances in Sustainable Development
Supplement 2: Directory of Sustainable Development Resources
Supplement 3: Status of the Transition to Clean Energy
Supplement 4: Status of Gender Equality in Society
Supplement 5: Status of Gender Equality in Religion

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Luis T. Gutiérrez, PhD, PE
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Mother Pelican: A Journal of Sustainable Human Development