Some on this list who follow Cuba may have read about the expulsion of Esteban Morales a year ago. Morales is a well-know Cuban intellectual and Director of the Center for the Study of the United States. He writes frequently on race relations in Cuba.  Morales had posted an article in April 2010 on the website of the National Union of Writers and Artists that was highly critical of corruption in high places.  He was expelled from the Communist Party (PCC) by the regional leadership. This body claimed that Morales needed to secure permission to publish such a critical article.  His article was subsequently removed from the website. 

Morales appealed his expulsion.  Meanwhile Morales continued his academic and administrative work and even participated in a major meeting on race relations in Cuba in Washington D.C. in June. 

Here is today's story about his reinstatement in the PCC.

Cuba: Esteban Morales's Communist Party Membership Is Restored on Appeal