I have more than a passing knowledge about the properties of aqueous solutions.  I wanted to read the reference:

Montagnier L, Aissa J, Del Giudice ED, Lavallee C, Tdeschi A and Vitiello G. DNA waves and water. Journal of Physics: Conferences Series, 2011, in print arXiv:1012.5166Ms

I located the Journal of Physics: Conferences Series, 2011, ( but I do not understand the remainder of the reference: "in print arXiv:1012.5166Ms" and I don't know which conference is being referred to. I don't read many physics journals, so I am not acquainted with that notation.

Do you know how to locate the above reference by Montagnier and get a copy?


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Subject: Re: DNA Sequence Reconstituted from Water Memory?

At 11:17 AM 7/20/2011, Michael Balter wrote:
Mitchel has put his finger on the main problem here. For some on the left, "orthodoxy" has come to include the scientific method, the need for evidence, and rationalism itself. Anything outside the scientific method is somehow revolutionary,

Is that what I said?
Did I question the need for evidence?

I wish more scientists would open up their minds to allow them to do the needed research, as Luc Montagnier is doing. ... And Michael B. isn't.


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