Not long ago someone here (was it Larry, Mitchel?) criticized me for making a blanket statement about how lame Counterpunch is these days, saying that I had spoiled an otherwise reasonable post. I didn't respond at the time, but should have, because Counterpunch has become so offbase and has so discredited the left recently with its constant stream of nonsense that it has become a problem and a liability. Louis Proyect has been taking these folks on lately, here is his latest post on Counterpunch's pro-Qaddafi stance.



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Did Qaddafi’s demand for reparations lead to war?

via Louis Proyect: The Unrepentant Marxist by louisproyect on 7/29/11

Last Wednesday an article titled “Lies of the Libyan War” by Thomas Mountain appeared on Counterpunch. My first reaction, even before reading it, was to wonder if Mountain was involved with a little bit of Freudian projection since most of what he writes about Libya is bullshit. But I was not prepared for this tidbit: [...]


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