This is really the irony of the 9/11 conspiracy mongering. Here you have a plot so vast, and involving so many people, with so many inconsistencies and smoking guns that necessarily EVERYBODY knows about it. Even amateur sleuths like Jim West and Mitchel Cohen have been able to see through the government's story, that's how obvious it was. Some conspiracy!


PS--This is also my answer to Jim West's queries about the passenger list and Mitchel's question about the videos at the Pentagon. As if any discrepancies about passenger lists and videos, assuming they actually exist, points to a conspiracy rather than some other more parsimonious explanation. Do the 9/11 truthers think that the people named in media accounts of the passenger lists did not actually exist, were not actually killed, or were not actually on those planes?

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For the record about the plane that hit the Pentagon.  I have run into a woman whose son saw the plane go into the Pentagon and a very good friend's daughter, high school student and emergency responder, did triage at the Pentagon at that time.  She is a nurse and her husband is training to be a nurse.

Does anyone really believe with all the Wikileaks that such a posed event could be kept secret?  The week before 9-11 was the first time the highest level White House (not Bush) had a meeting on the dangers of Al Qaeda.  The Bush administrations was caught flat footed.

Dan Adkins
Arlington, VA

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