It may be mid-July, and the birding a bit slower, but there are still fun
places to visit and birds to be discovered.

Last Saturday, on a whim, I headed for the Brilyea Access at Dead Creek
(Addison Co.) after reading of Ian Worley's shore bird finds. I was lucky
enough to meet up with Ted Murin when I arrived, and by the end of that
visit logged 40 species. Two were life birds for me.

This afternoon I had to pick up my car after repair. I was only a few miles
from Berlin Pond (Washington Co) off I went. It was a late start, but I
still found 32 species. There was a family of Flickers and Veerys. What fun
to watch and hear!

The bottom line to this is to encourage you to keep (e)Birding in the dog
days of summer.....but maybe I'm preaching to the choir!

Enjoy summer,
Patti Haynes
Madbirder, Moretown