I live at Red Rocks condos in Burlington up on the hill.  We have a family
of merlins flying all around the units, like JJ said, often late in the
day.  Mostly on the eastern side, but circling into the woods above the
South Cove homes as well.  The "kee-kee-kee"ing is unmistakable.  I do not
believe this is the same family as described inhabiting Oakledge Park down
near the water, although it could be.  Burlingtonians should come up and
take a listen, eyes skyward.  I love merlins.

Peg Clement

On Wed, Jul 20, 2011 at 2:37 PM, J J Allen <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

> I have had numerous requests about finding the Merlins.  Here are my
> suggestions...
> Directions:
> Use "28 Terrace Street; Montpelier, VT" on Google and it will send you
> close enough to find the old Secretary of State's  Office (now moved) also
> called the Redstone Mansion.  There is a big parking lot there where you can
> park and find shade!  The building is empty.
> The birds frequent the large spruce/pine forest there and tend to roost in
> the very tops of the conifers there and in the neighborhood bordered by
> Terrace Street/Redstone/Dewey and Bailey Ave.  If you come and spend 5
> minutes you are likely going to miss them.  Usually I hear them at least
> once an hour, sometimes every 5 minutes when I am home.
> They are more active late in the day and early but I hear them all day long
> as well.  When an adult brings in prey you can hear the food begging 1/4
> mile away; lots of noise.  The food begging call is very much like the
> Peregrine's except that it is higher in pitch.  Last night the last hour or
> so before dark all of them were in the air frequently and there was frequent
> food begging calls, chasing and food exchanges.
> Good luck!
> Jeffrey Allen