I had the same thing with a red squirrel who used to hang upside down by 
his heels and suck all the sugar water out of the feeder.  I switched to 
one of those feeders you can stick to the window with suction cups, 
which solved the squirrel problem but created a terrible ant problem. 
I've now got the feeder hanging precariously from a tall thin bamboo 
pole about a foot from the window with one of those ant-guard thingies 
above it, and that seems to have taken care of both ants and squirrels.

I have one of these big saucer-shaped baffles for the seed feeder 
hanging from a tree branch, and it works fabulously.  If the feeder is 
hung close up against it, neither the gray nor red squirrels can get to 
it around the baffle (though it's fun watching them try a few times 
before they give up).,/Detail



On 7/22/2011 6:47 AM, CAMERON O'CONNOR wrote:
> thanks for sharing this -- i have chickadees and of course squirrels who are
> fond of my hummy feeder.  the squirrels were decimating it as soon as i put
> it out.  i resorted to putting out a small dish of syrup for squirrels and
> that solved the problem.  they might have O.D.ed on the sugar water because
> they seem to have been satiated.
> On Thu, Jul 21, 2011 at 10:17 PM, Carol Scott<[log in to unmask]>  wrote:
>> We've got a male hairy woodpecker making repeated visits to our hummingbird
>> feeder.  Thought he might be after bugs, but there are no bugs, and pics
>> show his beak going into the hole in the feeder.
>> Pretty sure it's one of the pair of babies we've been watching this year,
>> now foraging on his own.  He visits all four feeders (suet, safflower seed
>> and a platform feeder that varies) and even our potted plants, which have
>> little berries, but he's awfully fond of sugar water!  And has to make quite
>> an effort to get to it.