We decided to accompany Brian to see what had happened with the snake,  As we drove to the box location we asked him how he had made his decision to just leave the baby Kestrel with that long snake hanging out of his mouth.


He said that he saw the bulge in the baby's throat and decided it would be a big problem extracting it.  He felt that if he decided to do so he might harm the other nestlings in the struggle.  So he just decided to close up the box leave it up to "Mother Nature", so to speak.  However, it was obvious that he wasn't sure he had made the right decision.  Neither were we as we had never heard of such a happening before


After about a 10 minute drive we arrived at the field where the box was located.  We carried the ladder to the tree, all hoping for the best.  Brian went right up to the box, opened the box and looked in.  One of the parent birds was circling around and beeping above us while this was happening.  He said "boy, I wish I had a digital camera on both of these trips, all four (we mistakenly said there were three in our first message) of the nestlings are alive and there is no trace of a snake." 


However, he also said that one of the nestlings was noticeably larger than the other three.


So it is your guess what happened in that box.


If you would care to see Brian and some baby Kestrels you can go to this web site which has a video that was taken last year.