Make way for ducklings VT.

Last spring I chased a mother mallard with 10 ducklings back to the Charles
River here in Boston. She was about to try crossing the Storrow Drive.

Bill Wilson
Boston, MA

On 7/26/11 5:24 PM, "tj mcgary" <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

> At 4:30 this afternoon I was driving by Taco Bell in Rutland, and noticed,
> along  with few other people, a mother mallard leading 8 ducklings down the
> road.  I stopped to watch them, then decided I should get out and help them a
> little bit since at one point the mother was trying to go across the road, but
> people pulling into Taco Bell kept blocking their path.  So I walked over, and
> helped to usher them to the other side of road, which is behind Michaels
> store.  They safely got to other side, and I watched them as they walked over
> to a small drainage pond which is just behind the Verizon store.  I kept eye
> on them till they were safely in the small pond.  I had seen a pair of
> mallards in this small pond few times, and just the other day saw a female
> mallard there.  Quiet amazing how some birds can adapt to urban life.
> Thana McGary
> Mendon,Vermont