Hi VT birders, 

I live in North Carolina and I'll be visiting relatives in VT in late August near 
Caspian Lake and Burlington/Shelburne.  

Does anyone have some suggestions for birdy spots within 10-15 miles of  
those areas? 

I'm hoping to fill out my list with some northern species -- always interested in  
warblers, especially Black-throated Green, Chestnut-Sided, Mourning.  I guess 
it will be too late in the season for much birding-by-ear on that score, won't it? 

But all birds are good, all the time!  

I would call myself a beginning-intermediate birder?  Good on maybe 90% of my 
local species, still improving my auditory recognition.  

Thanks y'all, 

P.S.  Anyone visiting the Raleigh NC area, I'll be glad to share recommendations 
for my favorite local spots.